The Grill-Up

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A Note From Us

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An outdoor grill is summer incarnate. As the days get longer, our goal is to soak up the sun, shroud ourselves in smoke, and end the day giddy and with our bellies full. At the park or in our backyards—it doesn’t matter. As long as there’s something good on the menu. 

Instead of using the grill for just the basics—like burgers, steaks, and corn—in this digital issue, Simply Recipes will help you take your grilling game to the next level in simpler, faster, smarter, and more delicious ways. As busy folks, we know you’ll appreciate our editor Laurel Randolph and writer Megan Steintrager's brilliant tips for grilling frozen meals—no thawing necessary because who has the time? And since hot dogs are always a family-favorite, we found two superior ways to grill ‘em up for maximum char and flavor.

Our editors at Simply Recipes believe that simple recipes are best, but we want to shake up our grilling routine without too much effort or stress. So we created new options: unexpected, but easy-peasy recipes for appetizers, sides, desserts, and even a cocktail on the grill, like a Paloma with grilled grapefruit and tear-apart s’mores made with sweet rolls. We can’t name a kid—or a kid-like adult—that would turn down this treat. 

And though the love for melty marshmallows and chocolate and char-grilled foods are universal, we know that grilling looks and feels different across cultures. In “The Community Grill,” writer Valorie Castellanos Clark explored how families gather around the grill to share their cultural heritage. She watched the Ayalas’ grill whole spring onions on a comal and the Monteiro family’s picanha enveloped in fire and smoke. In “Nunchi and the Art of Korean BBQ,” writer Irene Yoo uncovers the secret (hint: watch carefully) to grilling spicy pork bulgogi and stuffing ssam in your mouth in one go.

Your turn: Light up the grill, gather your friends and family, and enjoy every bit of summer for all it’s worth. Happy grilling 2.0!

-Ariel Knutson, Editorial Director, and Myo Quinn, Senior Editor